Oxford USB Type A 3.0amp Charging Kit

Sale price$63.90


Seamlessly integrate your choice of USB charger with your motorcycle. Mount your charging port somewhere convenient using the included 3M™ sticky pad then simply run the attached ring leads directly to your battery terminals.

Once the charging point is neatly positioned and cables hidden away, the charging port provides up to 3 Amps of power, perfect for mobile devices. Your phone or device is then protected from any potential surge in power thanks to the in-line fuse.

The charger draws zero current when not in use so there is no danger of draining your battery and the included splash-resistant silicone cap will also ensure there's no water ingress during the worst of the weather.

USB Type A female connector charging kit with splash-resistant cap*.

Key Features

  • 5V output
  • 1.6m lead
  • 3 Amp USB output
  • 12-24V battery powered
  • Easy installation - 3M™ pad

* Device-specific charging cable not included.

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