Oxford Aquatex Touring Premium Bike Cover for 3-4 Bikes

Sale price$94.90


The Oxford Premium Aquatex Touring bicycle cover is an all-weather rack- mounted bike cover designed for covering bikes mounted on a rack attached to a vehicle.

Police initiatives have shown that bike covers can be a useful anti-theft device — if a thief can't see what kind of bicycle is underneath they are less likely to target it. Combine with a chain lock to add an additional layer of defence against any would-be bike thief.


  • All-weather cover keeps 3–4 bicycles clean and dry.
  • Easy to use bungee fitments.
  • Tough 300 denier material.
  • Weatherproof external Poly Acrylic Coating prevents wear.
  • UV-resistant and tested in accordance to ASTM G-154 standard.
  • Clear pocket for 50cm x 50cm warning sign (sign not included).
  • Suitable for all bicycle styles.
  • Storage bag included.
  • Suitable for 3–4 bikes.

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