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THE VENTILATED MULTIPURPOSE URBAN GLOVE \n \nTotally redesigned for 2022, the RS3 EVO is meant to replace one of the most popular FIVE gloves, the RS3. Here we have it in its AIRFLOW version that’s ventilated, designed for urban riding in summertime. It features the very latest FIVE ERGO PROTECH® ergonomic protective shell for greater comfort and effectiveness, and its topside construction in honeycombed mesh fabric helps offer perfect airflow. Easy to slip on and take off, it’s perfect for riders zipping all over town throughout the course of a day. It will be your faithful companion on your everyday urban rides at the controls of any type of machine, as soon as temperatures rise, offering you a cooling stream of air. \n \nTECHNICAL FEATURES \n• Honeycombed mesh fabric construction (topside) for ventilation/Synthetic leather (palm) for durability \n• One-piece FIVE ERGO PROTECH® TPR metacarpo-phalangeal protective shells under fabric \n• TPR hypothenar protective shell (palm slider) \n• One Way Stretch™ fourchettes for perfect fit \n• Airprene® wristband for fit, comfort, and the elimination of perspiration \n• 3D mesh fabric inserts over the wrist for better ventilation \n• Textured 3D logos and TPR knuckle protective elements \n• Closure system featuring a Velcro® tab and Pull’N’Ride™ pull tab \n• Touch Screen™ system (index finger) for handling touchscreen devices

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