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FOR A BREATH OF FRESH AIR \n \nA ventilated version of the TFX3, the TFX3 Airflow qualifies as a small, short, lightweight, and thus, non-bulky glove that’s perfect for all types of road trips or treks in dry, warm weather. \nIt naturally echoes the characteristics of the TFX3, though with materials designed to optimize airflow. Both protective and comfortable, it also offers an adventurous look. With its Touch Screen™ system for navigational comfort, a Digital PU panel on the palm and thumb for better grip, a wide 3D Mesh band on its topside for ventilation, ventilated ERGO PROTECH® TPR shells and Kevlar® reinforcements for protection, and a palm in goat leather for suppleness, perforated for airflow, the TFX3 Airflow has everything to make it your perfect travel companion, whenever the mood strikes to… get some fresh air. \n \nTECHNICAL FEATURES \n• Mixed fabric and honeycombed 3D Mesh construction (topside), for ventilation and comfort / Full-grain goat leather (palm) for suppleness, \nperforated for airflow \n• Dual ventilated FIVE AirGO PROTECH® soft-TPR metacarpo-phalangeal \nprotective shells \n• Ring and pinky finger knuckle protection in Soft TPR \n• Foam protective reinforcements on all knuckles on the outer fingers \n• Kevlar® reinforcements on the hypothenar muscle \n• Digital PU reinforcement for enhanced grip on the handlebars \n• Quick-close Velcro tab system \n• Reflective fabric on the wrists \n• Airmesh fourchettes (between the fingers) \n• TouchScreen™ system (index finger) for using touchscreen devices

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