Vertex Top End Rebuild Kit (A)

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These kits contain all the components you’ll need to complete a specific type of repair.

  • Includes Vertex piston, rings, wrist, pin, circlips and top-end gasket kit
  • Exact fit A, B or C pistons match your cylinder bore perfectly to maximize power and performance
  • 2-stroke applications include wrist pin bearing
  • 4-stroke applications include Hot Cams cam chain for a more complete rebuild
  • Backed by Vertex’s expertise in the powersports industry

About Vertex pistons

To handle internal pressure, Vertex’s pistons are forged from the highest quality 2618 aluminium alloy for superior strength and durability. Vertex uses unique piston profiles and compression ratios, offered in A, B, C and D sizes. To maximize power and performance while reducing blow-by and oil consumption.

About Vertex gasket kits

The gasket kit contains all the necessary gaskets to rebuild your top end. Kit includes head, base and exhaust gaskets, as well as O-rings, that are necessary when removing the cylinder and head during routine maintenance.

Kit Specifications:

  • Compression Ratio: 12.8:1
  • Cylinder Diameter: 97 mm
  • Displacement: 450 cc
  • Piston Diameter: 96.960 mm

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