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Our sporty fuel injected 125cc with combined braking system.

A scooter which will suit your daily commute or a run to the shops with plenty of storage.

Makes it easy to navigate traffic and parking on a busy day to the beach!

There’s plenty of power for busy roads and a stable ride on 12” tyres.

The Orbit III is the perfect run around scooter, capable, fun and reliable!


zippy fuel injected 125cc engine gives you the take-off you need at the lights with a smooth 4-stroke motor to make the ride enjoyable while allowing you to keep up with the traffic.

A large front disc brake with combined braking system helps keep you safe riding on busy streets.

Including a large lockable under seat area with USB charger. The multi-function ignition engages the steering lock and has a secure tab to discourage ignition tampering.

Choose a single colour option or multi-coloured panels with sports decals; the Orbit III has a modern finish with flush mounted indicators and sharp angles.

The fuel tank has a remote fuel cap release and is located at the front creating a great low centre of gravity making for a fun ride!

Plenty of room for a mate on the back with pillion foot ledges and grab handles. Room for luggage either under the seat or there’s a luggage hook above the footwell. A side and centre stand complete the picture for stable parking or a quick option if needed.

EURO4 emission standards came into play in 2017 and were a massive step forward in making scooters far more environmentally friendly by raising the standards for the first time in a decade. Testing methods become tougher and durability laws came into place to ensure that the scooters remained emissions-compliant even as they get older.

All this and an industry leading 4 YEAR WARRANTY*!

Available in Grey/Black, Red & White

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