Thumpstar - TSB 70cc Dirt Bike

Sale price$999.00


Feng-Hong have long delivered an engine package which provides the traditional Thumpstar thump with the peace of mind your bike will consistently start. The semi automatic 4-speed engine gives your child a gearbox which allows them to select gears via the standard gear lever without a clutch, making it much easier to ride for beginners and giving them more ability to focus on learning braking, throttle control, and when to change gear. With typical maintenance, these engines go for years and years typically lasting far past your child's need for a bigger bike while they grow.

Paired with the engine is our Pipe Bomb 2.0 exhaust header and muffler. Many parents struggle with bikes that are too loud when their child isn’t racing. Therefore, with the TSB70 we have aimed and achieved optimal tuning with minimal noise.

We have found through testing and customer feedback that many bikes, regardless of size, are ridden by both kids and adults from time to time. That means the frame components must be up to scratch in terms of strength and handling. We have bolstered the design of the TSB70 to match that of our TSR88, a mini bike built for adult riders, which gives us peace of mind that bent frames are a thing of the past.

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