Thumpstar - TSE 12 - E2 Electric Balance Bike

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Thumpstar presents the easiest way to get your kids riding before they are ready to hop on a motorcycle!
Instead of pedaling or running to push the bike along, your child can learn the basics of handlebar controls with a twist throttle and bar-mounted front brakes. Suitable for 3-5-year-olds, the electric balance bike is the ultimate teaching tool for parents who want their child to learn the fundamentals of riding a motorcycle without the dangers and maintenance that petrol-powered motorbikes pose.
Would you like to develop your child's balance and coordination?
Has your toddler outgrown the tricycle but is still too small for those 50cc dirt bikes?
This is the bike you've been waiting for!
The Thumpstar TSE 12-E2 Electric Balance Bike is suitable for children AGES 3 and UP. This bike offers more safety controls than any other electric starter bike out there
The box includes a set of REAL MOTORCYCLE FOOTPEGS (which you can easily attach when your child has learned some basic skills and balance), a charging cord that plugs into a port on the frame, a high-quality 5.2Ah battery for hours of fun*, and an owner's manual.

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