Thumpstar - TSK 141E BW Dirt Bike

Sale price$2,499.00


The TSK141-E has received a complete overhaul for Version 5 adding the much-awaited ELECTRIC START and compression adjustble front forks.

- images show kick start model, however electric start model will be supplied.

(we are waiting on images to be updated)

Gone are the days of facing struggles of dealing with issues which are common on many other mini bikes. Thumpstar's have gone back to the drawing board and scratch built a New Frame, Airbox, Linkage Suspension, Hubs and Rims, and much more. This has not only allowed their bikes to become much more strong and reliable, but also gives the rider peace of mind knowing that, no detail has been left untouched.

Thumpstar's design team has produced a piece of engineering art, the frames are a new Quad Bar which has made them stronger than ever. Along with the frame developments they made space and rigged them with mounts to accommodate our new caged airboxes, this allows a better air filtration system while increasing airflow into the carburetor and in turn more horsepower. A first on pit bikes and minibikes alike, they have scaled down the linkage from the likes of a full size race bike, and fitted it to these smaller sized 140s. The linkage provides a much smoother ride than traditional PDS style suspension which allows for faster cornering, high and low speed adjustments, and increased rider comfort. They have redesigned our hubs and created space for a much heavier duty 20mm rear axle, coupled with stainless spokes and alloy rims, which provide their strongest wheels to date. 

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